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24 June 16 - D -3694PS.jpg


An Incredible cruise.

Well, where to start???


The captain? 

The crew?

The boat???

All of them:)


The cruise was fantastic. I only have good things to say about it.
The cruise is amazing as well as the  boat accommodations!   We have stopped in several beautiful places, we could swim in all of them. There were snacks and meals in the boat. The service was excellent. The crew was very nice and professional. 

24 June 16 - D -3694PS.jpg

Best two weeks I've ever spent! Wish I could have stayed longer. There's nothing like watching the sunsets on the water and waking up early and sailing off to new places.


Let me tell you about my vacation on the Sea Señor, a 40-feet, 4-bedrooms catamaran.  Living on a catamaran, which offers the feeling of a boat but much stable, was a dream come true, a feeling of true liberty.  Waking up and then deciding which island or bay to visit is the total freedom.  There is so much to see above water and underwater.  If your love diving, this is your chance to get a many dives as you can.  We had a compressor on board to refill the tanks and went diving at will, for our daily meeting with sea turtles, rays and plenty of other great fishes and wrecks, all of this well mapped. In the afternoon, after our afternoon diving or snorkeling, we set anchor in a bay, get to the beach to have a drinks amongst friends, and then decide to eat at the beach restaurant or on the catamaran.  Sincerely, since I went on the Sea Señor, I still dream of it every day and only look forward to lose myself in the BVIs again.  This is an atypical type of vacation you will not find anywhere else than with the Sea Señor.  The only regret I always have and that i am sure you will have is returning to dock at Nanny Cay.  I find that even 14 days is not long enough - good times pass too fast.  You wish you could hold back on every day spent in that paradise.  At least I do, in my memory until I return...



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